Cool Shield

Cool Shield

Cool Shield is a two part acrylic polymer modified heat reflective paint. it is supplies in a pre-packaged form . this product is designed to be mixed easily on site using a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle and then applied to the substrate using a brush , roller , trowel or spray

Storage :

Shelf life is twelve months in unopened packs stored below 35C in a shaded environment. The liquid component must not be allowed to freeze. If stored at high temperatures the shelf life will be reduce.

Precautions :

Roof Seal powder is irritating to the eyes, respiratory system and sucking . Avoid inhalation of dust and wear suitable respiratory protective equipment . Roof seal liquid is not classified as dangerous . Roof Seal when mixed becomes highly alkaline , wear suitable protective clothing , gloves and eye protection

Fire :

Roof seal components are non-flammable.

Cleaning :

Immediately after application is completed clean all tools and equipment with clean water . Hardened material only be removed by mechanical means

Supply :

Powder component : 12 kg bag , liquid component : 1 Gallon container coverage at 150 micron 500 Sft per pack per two coats

Application Instructions

Preparation : All surfaces , which are to receive the coating , must be from contamination such as oil , latence , grease , wax , dirt or any other form of foreign matter , which could affect adhesion. Typically , using high-pressure water jet or grit blasting can clean concrete surfaces. Spilled surfaces or those containing large blow holes, cracks or other such defects , should be repaired using the appropriate grade of concrete repair mortar.

Benefits :

  • Achieve a temperature difference of 6c to 15c
  • Keep rooms below the roof cool in summer
  • rooms below the roof sty warm in winter
  • insulate top floor room weather extremes
  • safeguard sher from temperature variation

Summary of the Incredible Benefits Of Cool Shield :

  • Environmentally friendly green technology utilizing 100% water based acrylic polymers with very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Advanced cross linking polymer chemistry for ultra durability . Fade resistant micronized pigments infused with saturated cool our and highly resistant to chemicals , UV light and heat
  • Revolutionary defamer and biocide technology with advanced formula to eliminate micro foam , bacteria and biological contamination , safe for potable water collection
  • 100% water proof which reduces thermal conductivity giving cement tiles improved thermal insulation in cold wet weather
  • Contributes to 5 star house and similar state and federal energy rating requirements
  • Contains Surface cleaning Nano-technology for improved water beading and dirt resistance
  • Cool Roofing leads to cooler urban temperatures helping to reduce green house emissions