Fipro Star

Fipro Star

Fipro star is a Spray , shower or flood the water mixed solution at 5 litter per sq used for the termite proofing and also used for the fumigation . This is one of the best product which we have for termite proofing and fumigation.


Foundation pits
Foundation when reaches at DPC level
Before Construction of temporary (katcha) floor
Between Constructed area and outer plot boundary before concrete


Drill Holes inside and outside the walls at every 2-3 litters per hole in order to create a barrier inside , around the walls and ground surfaces . all holes should be plugged after treatment.
spray solutions on wooden doors , windows and their frames.

Usage on Wood

1 litter FiproStar 50SC
Wear safety glasses
Keep the fiprostar 50Sc away from eatable , animals and children
if swallowed consult a physician immediately

Hit Just one termite kill the complete colony
Effective even at low dosage
Highly effective & economical
Long residual effects
Completely odourless
Non irritating
non tainting
lowest toxicity