Our Products


Our Products

Kaufmann has multiple products for it’s service , but only categorized some of our major products. Currently we are delivering our these products for our services or with our services.


Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant is one part self leveling , moisture curing , rubberized joint sealant specifically developed to form a permanent watertight seal in interior and exterior joints in horizontal surfaces .

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Roof Sealant

High Performance coating technology has developed at an incredible rate since the early seventies and has developed an unparalleled range of intelligent system designed to provide long-term water proofing.

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Cool Shield

Cool Shield is a two part acrylic polymer modified heat reflective paint. it is supplies in a pre-packaged form . this product is designed to be mixed easily on site using a slow speed drill fitted with

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Sharda 75w/p

Termites play a vital role in nature to recycle dead , decaying trees. But they can’t tell the difference between a dead tree and the lumber in your home.Termites tunnel from their home in soil

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Fipro Star

Fipro star is a Spray , shower or flood the water mixed solution at 5 litter per sq used for the termite proofing and also used for the fumigation . This is one of the best product which we have for .

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Excellent Quality Of Product

We deliver our product which quality is the best , because our aim is to provide the best for you which will sort out your problem and our product will maintain it’s quality as we explained.


Why Choose Kaufmann Products

We are the best rated in the country for providing our these products. People love to use our these products , because we deliver a quality product with our service for you.


24x7 Support service For you

If you have any query regarding our product , or you have problem and need our help so just use our contact details to get in touch with us . Quickly we will get back to you after a moment.