Real Estate Builders

Real Estate Builders

Real_estateOur one of the top and the major service is consultancy for your property . We are the top listed consultants for the real estate building , Our purpose is not just to elaborate our service , our purpose is to take care of your property development and give you the right advice which can be very fruitful for you . We have categorize this major service in 4 categories . The reason behind this categorization is to make us able to deal our clients very efficiently . For every department we have specialists and the specialist of relevant department will deliver the best idea for our client . We have almost the best specialists which will satisfy about your worry of property or land .If you need any kind of assistance from us or need any advice just use our contact details , We Will Deliver the best .

Design & Construction

Kaufmann is responsible for delivering for leadership, policy direction, and standards in the areas of architecture, engineering, urban development, sustainable design, fine arts, historic preservation, construction services, and project management.
To ensure a high standard of excellence for the public, Kaufmann engages the best private-sector architects and engineers to design, modernize existing, and construct new federal buildings through its internationally renowned Design and Construction Excellence Program.

Maintenance Out leasing programs

We also provide the services for out leasing your property or want the maintenance services for your building , home or office . Our specialists will show you the right choice for out leasing property and will give the best plans for the maintenance of your property .

Facilities Management Overview

Kaufmann’s Public Building Service provides a variety of facilities management services to workers. Its facility service programs goal is to provide sustainable world-class facilities and services.

Kaufmann’s portfolio is comprised of Kaufmann owned properties and private sector leased properties.  Kaufmann manages a variety of facility types including office buildings, and warehouses.

Kaufmann facility management services encompass:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Child Care
  • Small Projects
  • Facilities Operations
  • Buildings Security and Policy
  • Occupancy Administration
  • Environment
  • Energy