Leakage Proofing

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Leakage Proofing

September 19, 2019 blog 0

All cracks narrow down from the millimeter range to end at the nano meter range. It is necessary to waterproof these at a nano level. Sealing & crack filling with versatile and non-shrinking sealing material chemicals followed with an elastic membrane on high can provide a whole answer for outflow proofing.

Elastic Seal – Stretchable Membrane for Waterproofing

  • Mix 1 part elastic seal, 1 part cement and 1 part fine sand
  • Stir well to get a uniform paste
  • Slowly add water to get brushable consistency
  • Apply 2-3 coats with a brush
  • After the last coat, spray very fine sand on the layer and allow it to dry completely


  • Membrane coating : 2 m² / kg of Elastic Seal (2 coats)


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