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Fipro Star

  • Product Type: Termite Treatment
  • Client: 700+

About this Product

Fipro star is a Spray, shower or flood the water mixed solution at 5 litter per sq used for the termite proofing and also used for the fumigation. This is one of the best products which we have for termite proofing and fumigation.
1. Foundation pits
2. Foundation when reaches at DPC level
3. Before Construction of temporary (katcha) floor
4. Between Constructed area and outer plot
Drill Holes inside and outside the walls at every 2-3 liters per hole in order to create a barrier inside, around the walls and ground surfaces. All holes should be plugged after treatment. Spray solutions on wooden doors, windows, and their frames.

Fipro Star is one of the most effective termiticide / insecticide that contains Phenyle Pyrazole as the predominant ingredient. Fipro Star is a unique termiticide / insecticide because it provides complete and long lasting control over termites which makes it different from most of the other termiticides / insecticides available in the market.

    Fipro Star not only kills the termites coming in contact with it instantly, but it also blocks the population and growth of termites by creating a barrier and eliminating the termite colonies. The effective injection of Fipro Star can easily eliminate all termite colonies in the affected areas within 3 to 4 days.

    Fipro Star is rated as one of the top products for termite control in Pakistan. You can download Fipro Star product description from the bottom of the page. Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is provides the best termite control services / termite proofing services in Pakistan and it is rated as the best termite control company / termite proofing company in Pakistan. Read more about our Termite Control Services.

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