Termite (Deemak) Control, Fumigation/Spray for all types of pest.Wateproofing of roof,walls, wash room,water tanks & Water tank Cleaning

Heat proofing is one the largest problem which increases mostly in the summer day and we have noticed that this problem exists in 85% of the homes of society. Actually Heat proofing processes to stop the heat coming inside of the house .

Fumigation is a method of using a lethal gas to exterminate pests within an enclosed space. We provide our services for fumigation with our latest techniques. You must be worried that how you can identify that you need fumigation services for your home, we just required to ask you about the presence of any construction elements, conduits drain,

Termite Proofing is to eliminate the termite control and to disintegrate its attack on to your house and on the precious wood materials. We provide 100% Termite Control with our latest techniques.

Water proofing is one the largest problem which is increasing day by day in societies, and we have noticed that this problem exists in 60% of homes of society. Actually Waterproofing processes to stop the leakage of water, not just from roof of the home also from the roof of any room or water tank.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance is one of the important and rare services. Home maintenance service contains home appliances Repairing & Installation, painting the home, electrician work and More. When we these little things add up

About Kaufmann

We Work creatively and fulfill the needs of our clients and we care about their feedback and also their satisfaction that’s why they love us. Create plans for our currents and new clients to manage them very efficiently and also introduce our new strategies to them. Kaufmann is the best-rated company among the other multi-services companies to deliver high-quality services and support to its clients. We are available almost the whole of the day for your help, so if you want to ask anything from our support or have any query use our contact details.
Kaufmann is a Pakistan based company that was established since 2006 to provide multi-services. The Kaufmann provides products and services for all over the country and has permanent clients more than a thousand. Kaufmann’s major services are termite proofing, waterproofing, heat proofing, fumigation, real estate, and home maintenance.