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Water Proofing Services

Termite (Deemak) Control, Fumigation/Spray for all types of pest.Wateproofing of roof,walls, wash room,water tanks & Water tank Cleaning

Waterproofing is one the largest problem which is increasing day by day in societies, and we have noticed that this problem exists in 60% of homes of society. Actually Waterproofing is process to stop the leakage of water, not just from the roof of the home also from the roof of any room or water tank. We are the best solution providers for the waterproofing for any kind of water leakage in your building or house. If you need our assistance just use our contact details to contact us and get the right advice for your problem. The major problems we have seen in most of the building is roof leakage, or bathroom roof leakage or water tank leakage problem, these are the major problems which we have mostly found in the buildings. We have work experience of 10 years in this field and we had satisfied most of the clients .

Kaufmann’s Products For Water Proofing

After experiencing many years, We have produced two products for the waterproofing, we use these two products for waterproofing and we have received the best results from our clients.

Products Are

Elastic Seal

Roof Seal

Joint Sealant

Grey Seal


Kaufseal km 42 “

These products Results are the best, we can’t say the best because we have received an excellent response to these products for waterproofing.

Why choose us

We are one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of roofing treatment materials in Pakistan and have many years of successful experience in this field. We have ready to use fluid roof materials that provide a joint free, seamless, insulated and waterproof elastic protective membrane for roofs, foundation & buildings.

Our waterproofing and insulation membrane is suitable for all kinds of roofing material like asphalt, asbestos, cement, metal, wood, terrazzo tiles, and concrete, etc. You can use it by yourself or you may ask our engineer & consultant to apply in your building roof.
We are providing our services in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and other major cities of Pakistan. Moreover, due to quality work, we have gained a pretty amount of loyal customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Kaufmann chemicals Pvt ltd offerings are all approximately supplying the nice feasible waterproofing chemical remedy to their customers. Our offerings variety for waterproofing is foundation waterproofing, roof waterproofing, rain leakage waterproofing, water tank leakage repairs, water seepage chemical remedy, and diverse other waterproofing services.

Clients Work

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