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Is Heat Proofing necessary?

The most important reason to opt for heat proofing of your homes and building is the fact that with every single year passing by, the calamity of global warming is leading to unbearable heat dissipation.

Heat Proofing should be considered as an investment or not?

Heat Proofing should be considered as an investment indeed, however the return over investment is superfast and yields tremendous results in the long run.

Is it necessary to clean the home after fumigation process?

Commonly there is no need to clean your home or building after the fumigation process. However, it is the responsibility of the fumigation service provider to guide you about this thing in detail as it depends upon the kinds of products that have been used.

Is it necessary to leave the home or building during fumigation treatment?

It is not mandatory for all people in the home or the building to leave. Some people may be required to stay at some distance if they are allergic/sensitive to some specific kinds of smell or chemicals.

Is it necessary to clean the water tank even if water appears to be of good quality?

It is recommended that your water tank must be inspected every year and cleaned if suggested by the survey team. Even in case of personal supply, annual water tank inspection is highly recommended.

If a tank is leaking, can it be repaired?

The good news is that most of the leaking water tanks can be repaired. In rare cases, experts suggest to replace the leaking water tank.

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