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Water is essential for life but dirty water is harmful for safe and healthy life. Therefore, the significance of clean water shouldn’t be overlooked. In order to get regular supply of clean water, most of the people opt for reliable and professional services for water tank cleaning. Broadly, there are two major types of water tank cleaning depending upon the usage:

Domestic Water Tank Cleaning

In homes, normally our main concern is on the purification of water for drinking or cooking purpose but we rarely pay attention to its source. We use tank water to store and supply water for everyday use. With the passage of time, germs, bacteria, algae and sediments may get deposited on the walls and floors of water tank resulting in deadly diseases. These deposited particles contaminate the water and can be harmful for use.

Even if we don’t drink water, the microbes in the water will enter can easily enter into our bodies while washing, bathing or brushing. Additionally, sand particles in water tanks may damage the purifier, laundry and dishwashing machines in homes. It is not just about clean water for drinking or cooking purpose, unclean water may cause rough skin, stomach infections and hair fall. Therefore, domestic water tank cleaning services are important for homes.

Commercial Water Tank Cleaning

Apart from household chores, without clean water many industries and the products they offer would fail to exist. In industries, water is required for nearly every step of production like fabricating, diluting or processing. Over the time, internal moisture and germs can build up in water tanks and can create multiple problems. Solids that enter the tank get settled at the bottom of commercial water tanks and become sludge. Ignoring water tank cleaning may block the passing of water due to accumulation of solids which in result can affect the operations of plants and boilers.

When sludge is present in the bottom of tank and industries use water for commercial or everyday use, it may create allergic reactions. For that reason, large buildings such as hospitals, hotels, office buildings and  even industries are more suspicious and vulnerable  to water contamination as they have complicated and larger water tanks in which germs and bacteria can quickly spread if unmonitored and uncontrolled. This is the main reason why commercial water tank cleaning is required on regular basis similar to the domestic water tank cleaning.

Domestic and Commercial Water Tank Cleaning Services

From residential to commercial, corporate or industrial sectors, water tank cleaning is essential and should be done after every six months or at least once a year depending upon the quality of water supplied. One may think that there is no chance of water in the tanks to get polluted but in reality water tanks in homes, community or industrial sectors are filled with dirt which exists in the atmosphere.  Recent reports have revealed that around 60% of diseases in humans are actually water-borne diseases and around 40% deaths in Pakistan are primarily caused due to contaminated water.

Domestic and Commercial Water Tank Cleaning Company

For water tank cleaning, it is wise decision to choose a professional company that ensures tank is cleaned and is good for storing water. Kaufmann Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides the best water tank cleaning services for domestic or commercial units in major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. We employ experienced professionals and latest cleaning tool in order to provide water cleaning services in a quick and professional manner. Contact us or book an online appointment to know more about our domestic and commercial water tank cleaning services.

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