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Mice and rats are commonly known as rodents. These rodents can cause a lot of trouble for the people living in the home and building, therefore effective rodent control through professional pest control service is essential. House mouse is the most common rodent pest. One mouse in a home or building means there is a whole family of rodents. Rodents are like breeding machines as they can produce thousands of offspring in a year. They make homes in gardens, sheds, houses as well as floors, cupboards, bathtubs and machinery. They have excellent sense of taste, smell and touch and are considered as serious safety hazards.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of rats and mice on your own, but for rodent control, it is better to go for pest control services and fumigation services as they have extensive knowledge regarding these unwanted guests. The best way to control rodent population is through precise rodent control. Rodent control is the reduction of population of these dangerous rodents through rodent control chemicals and products. Here are some of the reasons that why rodent control is essential for your homes and buildings.   

Rodent Control Prevent the Transfer of Diseases

Rodents can carry diseases and transfer it to humans either through their droppings or by biting humans. They leave their droppings everywhere they go and can spread bacteria or germs as they move through dirty contaminated waste. They can bite and spread diseases like plague, trichinosis, pulmonary fever and hanta virus. Moreover, if there is a colony of rodents then it will change the smell of your home and the odor might become unbearable. Effective rodent control helps to prevent spread of such diseases.

Rodent Control Stops Food Contamination

Three basic requirements for rodents’ growth include an ideal place to hide, food and water. They rest near food sources and can eat big chunks of food. They can easily chew plastic bags to get to food. They are well known for food-borne diseases. They can easily contaminate food with their urine, feces and hair which may cause food poisoning in humans. Effective rodent control can help to stop food contamination.

Rodent Control Protect from Structural and Electrical Damage

Rodents can cause a very significant structural and electrical damage. Once they are settled, they have the ability to damage structures, wood, metal or plastic pipes, books and furniture through burrowing and gnawing. They have sharp teeth and can damage electric wirings and start fires by gnawing on electric cables. They can also damage your home’s important appliances like air conditioners. They can even make nests in air conditioner systems and can destroy the costly equipment. Effective rodent control can help to protect from these sort of structural and electrical damages.

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